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Why MAGNUM Parket

uniclic multifit

Uniclic® Multifit

is a revolutionary system in laying multilayer parquet:
  • you can install your floor up to 30% faster compared to other, traditional installation systems
  • level differences are minimized, thanks to the perfect locking between tongue and groove
  • both floating and glued down installation are possible
  • it‘s easy to remove the planks and to re-install them
  • a MAGNUM floor makes laying easy, even in the tightest corners or under doors. We offer a variety of different installations methods shown below. Just choose the one that suits you best. For example, tapping the planks horizontally is possible with Uniclic Multifit.
25 year warranty

Up to 25 year warranty 

Up to 25 year residential warranty is applied for material or production defects of the parket planks, including delamination of the top layer, provided that the flooring has been installed and maintained according to the Magnum installation and maintenance instructions.

oil lacquer


Our lacquered floors are finished with 7 layers of UV hardened lacquer.
MagShield: specially developed scratch resistant finish, which makes the floors easy to maintain and resistant against stains. The lacquered floors are ready to install and to use, and they can be re-finished over the years.


Our oiled floors are finished with two layers of high quality oil, which give them a perfect natural look. Small scratches can be easily repaired. Oiled floors age gracefully, correct maintenance is required.


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